[Microlite5E] Two-Page Classes

I’ve put together character sheets for Microlite5E as a proof of concept. They’re not pretty, but I think they’re functional.

Each class is 2 pages, or 3 pages if it casts spells, including 20 levels of class features.

As per Microlite5e, the class features are (basically) unchanged from regular 5E, but the maths is simplified, standardised and laid out for you.

I reckon you could create a character in a couple of minutes and be confident that you had followed the rules correctly, which would be good support for a “first-level funnel” where not everyone makes it out of the dungeon – or for a story-focused game where you all create your characters together instead of doing it separately before the game.

Here’s the barbarian character sheet as two images if you want to check it out quickly without downloading a whole PDF:

Barbarian (page 1)
Barbarian (page 2)

And here’s the whole PDFs:

Barbarian to Paladin

Ranger to Wizard