Spiders and their Prey, by Johnstone Metzger

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The illustration of the spider is ‘The Smiling Spider’ by Odilon Redon, and from Wikimedia Commons. It is in the public domain. <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Redon_smiling-spider.jpg>

Phasic Spider

Group, Large, Planar, Stealthy
Giant mandibles (d8+3 damage, 2 piercing), 14 HP, 2 Armour
Close, Reach, Messy
Special Qualities: Immune to acid, gas and poison.

Vaguely resembling terrestrial spiders but covered in strange colours and made of no material resembling organic matter, these creatures are native to some distant dimension that wouldn’t have any contact with the material plane save for terrible rents in reality. Although the phasic spiders hate this reality, there are others they hate more, and they could be willing to work with those who are trying to fix these interplanar calamities and restore order to the separation of worlds. Instinct: To oppose the interplanar bleed.

  • Crawl across the ceiling or the wall.

  • Descend by a strand of webbing.

  • Move between dimensions, blinking in and out of reality.

  • Spin webs to catch foes in.

When they approach: Back off and spin a web to trap them in.
When they have a tool that creates gates between worlds: Stalk them and take it.
When they retreat: Attack them from behind or above.

Some types of phasic spiders are more dangerous than others:

Phasic Hierophant

The leaders of the phasic spiders more resemble scintillating lobsters with ropes of crystal sugar draped about them. Each hierophant has 20 HP, 3 Armour, and their claws do b[2d8]+4 damage (2 piercing).

Phasic Psychopomp

The near-monochromatic phasic spiders that have expertise in dealing with the lands of dead souls are a slower, more deliberate breed. They have the following additional moves:

  • Attack a foe’s mind with images from alternate possible worlds where they are more happy, loved, and successful.

  • Implant false memories from other realities.

  • Kidnap a foe and deposit them in the shadowlands.


Mutated Zombie

Group, Terrifying
Biting mouth (d8+2 damage), 14 HP
Hand, Close
Special Qualities: Mutant, Undead.

A hole in the world has caused forces from beyond time and space to reanimate the dead, and when the dead rise, they have a taste for flesh and blood. However catastrophic this is for human civilization, this hole has wreaked even more havoc on another dimension—the one inhabitted by the phasic spiders. These extraplanar spiders capture the undead and wrap them up in webs, but this solution is no good for humans, for when the dead break free they are even stronger and have mutated into strange new forms. Instinct: To kill the living.

  • Grab and chew.

  • Stay still and wait.

When the living are there but cannot be reached: Stalk them.
When the living can be reached: Attack.

Random undead mutations (roll 1d12)

  1. Acid touch (+2 damage)
  2. Adhesive grip
  3. Bone spikes (+1 piercing)
  4. Eyestalks
  5. Floating head
  6. Huge maw (+1 damage)
  7. Melting flesh (+2 armour)
  8. On fire
  9. Poisonous slime
  10. Quadrupedal
  11. Slithering
  12. Tentacles (reach)



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