Blight of Fungus, by Johnstone Metzger

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The illustration of the fungi is ‘Still-Life with Fungi’ by Paolo Porpora, and from Wikimedia Commons. It is in the public domain.

The illustration of the attack mushroom is ‘Toxic Shroom’ by Katarzyna Zalecka, and from AncientBeast. It is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence.


Deep inside the dungeon, where no light has ever shone, there lies a strange, immense garden unlike anything the world has ever known. A forest of fungus, a medley of mold, a host of horribly inedible plant life stirs itself as the winter snows melt and the flowering of spring once again allows adventurers to explore the dungeon. This threat can sense them, it knows there’s another world out there, ripe for the conquest.

This bizarre landscape of mold creeps slowly over the world once it is free, spreading by means of flying spores and by growing ropy, fibrous strands out of its already-existing masses. As it expands, it targets sources of water and human agriculture especially. Once it has conquered an area, no human can live there—the fungus is poisonous and it strangles the growth of any plant that is edible to mammals. Along with the great carpets of creeping mold there are smaller, more mobile fungal creatures: the attack mushrooms and the spore stalkers.

Type: Invasive species (use cursed places moves).

Impulse: To blanket the earth with itself.

Grim Portents


  • Attack mushrooms and spore stalkers roam the halls of the dungeon.

  • Carpets of mold creep out into the hallways and caverns of the dungeon.

  • Attack mushrooms and spore stalkers escape the dungeon and roam the surrounding countryside.

  • The creeping mold is unleashed upon the surrounding countryside.

  • The fungal blight invades croplands and villages.

  • The fungal blight invades the town.

Impending Doom: Famine (as the fungus destroys any and all edible vegetation throughout the entire countryside).

Attack Mushroom

Group, Magical, Organized
Claws (d8 damage, 2 piercing), 9 HP, 2 Armour
Close, Reach
Special Qualities: Amorphous fungus, Vulnerable to fire.

These mobile fungi resemble giant mushrooms, moving across the ground upon a stubby base by means of muscular contraction. From underneath their hat-shaped “heads” extend many long, tuberous tentacles that end in jagged, woody claws. At the very top of their heads they have a kind of mouth with a radula inside it that they can use to grind up both plant and animal matter. Instinct: To defend the fungus.

  • Escape bonds by exuding slime from its pores.

  • Grasp a foe with its tentacles and drag them into its mouth.

  • Grind up a foe inside its mouth.

  • Wail like a banshee.

When confronted by fire: Exude slime and retreat.
When foes retreat: Let them go.
When outnumbered: Call for aid.

Toxic Shroom by Katarzyna Zalecka

Spore Stalker

Group, Large, Magical, Organized, Slow, Stealthy
Spores (d8+1 damage, ignores armour, stuns), 17 HP, 1 Armour
Special Qualities: Amorphous fungus, Vulnerable to fire.

They appear to be a collection of vine-like strands of vegetable matter, ranging in colour from brown to yellow to green to aqua, and connected by large bulbs that superficially resemble poppies. When these bulbs burst they throw clouds of toxic spores into the air that burn the eyes and lungs of other animals and burrow into their skin. Spore stalkers move slowly, deliberately, and whatever they cover soon becomes the exclusive domain of fungus. Instinct: To find sources of nutrients and claim them.

  • Cover in strands and crush slowly.

  • Creep silently.

  • Exude a cloud of spores.

When things are still: Expand and stretch.
When things move nearby: Keep still.
When threatened: Call the attack mushrooms.

Confrontations with these fungal monsters can lead to a great deal of mess, given their inhuman biologies and tendencies to cover any available surface and to exude spores into the air:

When you find yourself covered in blight fungus, roll+CON. On a 10+, you are fine, the fungus does not affect you adversely. On a 7-9, small pieces get stuck in your gear, between your toes, under your nails, etc. It keeps growing and is hard to get rid of. On a miss, the fungus makes you sick and perhaps violently ill.

Johnstone Metzger (PDF)

Johnstone Metzger (ODT)


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