Marauding Horde, by Justin Wightbred

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This blog is periodically re-posting Number Appearing which was first written by Justin Wightbred for the Dungeon World Kickstarter and is available on the Dungeon World site. The art for this entry is by Mike Wight. Justin is currently working on the second edition of Number Appearing, so please post suggestions and ideas in the comments.

Bigger, stronger and harder than goblins. Or so you tell us. Are you really part of an ancient race of tribal warriors, or just the cursed mutant offspring of a sunlover and a slimey goblin?

The marauding hordes differ greatly. Bugbears are big but sneaky. Hyena-headed gnolls rampage through the forests and badlands. Hobgoblins are big goblins that give the appearance of civilisation. Lizardmen hunt the swamps. And orcs live a violent tribal life in the mountains and dungeons. But all delight in working with their horde to raid sunlovers.


Brooza, Chock, Crunch, Fantak, Grik, Hauk, Hurai, Karun, Kish, Kol, Mord, Nok, Ravnar, Reaver, Ripper, Smitez, Spit, Spangla, Spud, Thonk, Zimmerk.


  • Hard Eyes, Mean Eyes, or One Eye.
  • Broken Body, Flabby Body, Fit Body, Muscled Body, or Scarred Body.
  • Broken Nose, Crooked Nose, or Flat Nose.
  • Crooked Teeth, Braids, Scars, or Tribal Tattoos.

Alternative bonds:

___________ stole my kill.

___________ is a coward.

I will prove to _________ that I am trustworthy.

___________ has slain my brethren.

Racial moves

Choose a race below and gain this move instead of the race move on your class sheet:

Bugbear Thief: When you backstab and choose to roll+DEX you may also choose to: strangle them by the throat. When you successfully defy danger while strangling someone’s throat, deal class damage to them.

Gnoll Ranger: You can hunt and track using just your excellent sense of smell.

Hobgoblin Cleric, Fighter or Paladin: You can grant your shield’s bonus to Armor to both yourself and a single ally close to you who doesn’t have a shield.

Lizardman: Your vicious claws and teeth do class damage. You can swim well and hold your breath for long periods.

Orc Fighter: When you suffer damage (after subtracting Armor) take +1 forward against that creature.

Troglodyte: Your stench revolts both allies and enemies. They deal -1 damage while they are close to you.

Any other Marauding Horde: Name a character who reminds you most of your kin. When you Aid them or they Aid you and roll a 10+ take +2 instead of +1.

Possible True Facts

Those sunlovers don’t know everything. Choose some true facts about your marauding horde race that the learned sages don’t know:

  • Without outside interference your race will naturally form progressive governing structures, like democracies or republics
  • You will turn cannibalistic when your population becomes too dense
  • Your people were here first and land itself cries for the blood of the invaders
  • You hear the voice of the Howler, and have succumbed to it
  • Pain is holy; suffering it or inflicting it makes you holier
  • Your bloody rites keep the Black Earth Mother appeased and quiet
  • Your race live on coals and ash; the coals of burnt buildings are particularly nourishing
  • You consume the bones of your felled heroes, and their strength lives on in you
  • Your horde keeps and breeds a particularly dangerous type of animal
  • The evil spirits that hunt your people revel in misery, death, and ruin, so you leave it in your wake to slow them down
  • All cattle, weapons or land in the world originally belonged to your race: the other races stole it from you long ago
  • Your race was created from a village of sunlovers, who tormented and were cursed by a witch into this form



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