[GP 1] The Miscellany

Text: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

The Miscellany

Glamour was created by Scott Velez


2 uses, 20 coins, 1 weight

A potent drug made from crystallized raw magic. Ground up and further refined by any number of seedy fellows, Glamour has recently become popular with the wealthy, the eccentric, and the wizarding community. Each dose comes in a small glass vial. Don’t mind the odd glow, that just means it’s fresh. Now do you want it, or don’t you?

When you ingest Glamour, roll +CON. ✴ On a 10+, pick 2 from below. ✴ On a 7–9, pick 1. Either way, you experience vivid hallucinations and the high lasts about an hour.

  • Well, that was … pretty damn good, actually. In fact, a person could really develop a problem with this Glamour stuff. But not me. You avoid addiction. This time

  • Glamour expands your senses out beyond the veil. So what if no one else sees? Wait, what do you mean spells can’t talk? Hold 1. For the next hour, you can spend your hold to parley with an ongoing magical effect you encounter and convince it to end (magical items so affected will become magical again after some time), change, or reverse itself. You are considered to have leverage

  • The vivid hallucinations you’re experiencing provide a glimpse of things to come. Hold 2. Spend your hold to take +1 forward to defy danger or discern realities


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