[GP 1] Gnomes

Text: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.


An article by Kingston Cassidy

Gnomish Guerrilla Group, Stealthy, Small, Cautious, Organized, Intelligent

Crossbow (d6+1 damage) 6 HP 2 Armor

Near, Reload

“Shadow is mother to the Gnome. Yes, in our blood runs the sap of the elven vale and the stone of the dwarven mine, but what of it? It was the shadow we hid in when, all too often, our kin scorned us. It was in shadow we found one another. It was in shadow we hid when the nations of Elf and Dwarf alike fell to the enemy, and it was from the shadow we struck and took this land for our own.

“Come, young one. Meet your mother.” Instinct: To ambush

  • Attack from a concealed, camouflaged position

  • Spring a trap

  • Regroup

Gnomish Illusionist Solitary, Stealthy, Small, Organized, Intelligent, Magical

Nightmare Bolt (d10 damage, ignores armor) 12 HP 1 Armor

Near, Far

Illusionists are often dismissed by the magicians of other races as creating no real magic, just phantasms of smoke and echo. The illusionists know better. They say that the occult formulas of man’s wizardry are a lie. The secret symphony of the elven arcanist, too. They say all magic is a lie, told to the universe, so convincing that it fools light, hoodwinks time, and deceives death itself. All magic is illusion, and so illusion is the highest magic of all. Instinct: To fool the senses

  • Create an image of something that is not real

  • Hide something using magic

  • To seek the truth behind the veil of illusion

A Gnomish Village

Twelvemaples Poor, Steady

Safe, Gnomish, Resource (syrup), Oath (the elves of Cal Seeate), Enmity (Duke Arrithorn)

Deep in the forest, hidden underground among the root systems of the twelve ancient maple trees that give the burrow (as gnomes call their villages) its name, the gnomes of Twelvemaples harvest sap and refine it into the sweetest syrup and the most intoxicating liquor. Long kept safe by its isolation and by cunning architecture that disguises the burrow as part of the forest itself, the village has recently drawn the attention of the Duke of Arrithorn, who has claimed the village and demanded tribute. But can the Duke and his men rule a village that they cannot find?

Gnomish Characters


Add the following effect to the list of things you can do with arcane art:

  • Perform minor acts of illusion, as the wizard spell prestidigitation


In addition to any other attunements, the Depths of the Earth is always considered your land


Gnomish warriors are masters of camouflage. When you have time and have the right materials, conceal yourself and take +1 forward.


Your people have domesticated those beasts who make their lives underground. You can take a dog-sized mole or badger as an animal companion, which has burrow as a free training.


Take +1 ongoing to any attempt to cast an illusion spell.


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