[GP 1] Extraplanar Races

Text: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

Artwork: Tiefling Wizard and Bladeline Ranger, Michael Wight, created for Grim Portents, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

Extraplanar Races

An article by David Guyll

Bladeling Characters


When you attack with a melee weapon with a range of close or hand, deal +2 damage.


Your supernatural connection to your animal companion makes it tougher, increasing its armor by 1.

Bladeling Ranger


When you take damage from a character’s attack with a range of close or hand, deal 1d4 damage to that character.

Bladeling Advanced Moves

Iron Skin

You can apply your armor to attacks with the ignore armor tag that deal cold or fire damage.


You can grow spikes from your hands. They can be used to create weapons with a range of Hand, Close, or Near.

Razor Storm

Once per battle you can unleash a burst of metallic shards. It affects everyone nearby, and you deal your damage twice.

Stormsoul Genasi Characters


Attacks with your signature weapon gain the ignore armor tag.


When you hack and slash, with a result of 10+ you momentarily stun your victim. The next action made in response to it gains +1 forward.


When you attack with your hands, you may use INT to hack and slash. If you hit, deal +1 damage

Tiefling Characters


When you spout lore about demons and devils, take +1 forward.


When an enemy deals damage to you, your next attack against them deals +1d4 damage.


When you are in a shadowy environment, take +1 ongoing to defy danger


When you cast a spell that inflicts fire damage, on a 7–9 you deal +1d4 damage, and on a 10+ you deal +1d6.

Tiefling Wizard


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