[GP 1] Tower of Dosdaemon

Text: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

Artwork: OERIS, Giovanni Lanza, created for Grim Portents, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

Artwork: In the Snow, Toeholds, OpenGameArt.org, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence.

Tower of Dosdaemon

An adventure by Bill White

As the adventure begins, the PCs find themselves caught in the wild on the outskirts of the Barony of Lanholm—to the north of Lake Silverweir, close to the Fangs of Ice that descend from the Great Northern Mountains—during an unseasonal snow storm. They come upon (or have been accompanying) a dwarven merchant named Rurik who is leading a small caravan of wagons trying to weather the storm. Begin the game with their actions during the blizzard; the caravan master will hope to retain the services of the PCs in order to get his wagons through the snow to safety. The PCs may be caravan guards, or woodsmen surprised by the freakish weather. Maybe they have been dispatched by Baron Aldric of Lanholm to find his son Egaric, who went hunting with some friends and servants several days ago and is overdue. In any event, they have been caught out in the blizzard and must find shelter—perhaps at Lanholm Keep.


Adventure Front: Lamentations of the Ice-Spirits

Description and Cast

Aniamadan, a silver elf sorcerer, has used his magic to open a path in the glacial Fangs of Ice to the ice-surrounded vale where the ancient Tower of Dosdaemon stands, from where he intends to work a great magic that will enable him to conquer the Forest Strongholds, which territory his people ruled long ago, when it was called Valienalla. But the opening of the way to the Tower has unleashed three ice-spirits or jotyna. They were imprisoned long ago by the great silver elf king Dosdaemon, and now free are finally able to vent their vengeful grief at the long-ago death of their icy Queen by starting a dreadful blizzard that immobilizes hapless travellers, including Rurik the dwarven merchant and his caravan, traveling with a load of wrought iron and steel tools. His route brings him westward from the dwarven fortress of Varjakhor in the Quickstone Mountains into the Forest Strongholds at the Barony of Lanholm, where he will trade for goods brought up the Mistfall River from the city of Anthol on the Foaming Sea or by road from the shores of Lake Silverweir, where the wood elves dwell.

  • Rurik, dwarven merchant, and his hirelings, with wagons and trade goods

  • Bialel, Cuerin, and Delisse, jotyna—airy ice spirits of the frozen North

Custom Moves

When you brave the freezing cold, roll +CON. ✴ On a 10+, you shrug off the effects of the cold.
✴ On a 7–9, the cold bothers you; take −1 forward. ✴ On a miss, you are chilled to the bone; take −1 ongoing until you shrug off the effects of the cold or take a break to warm up.


Raging Blizzard

Type: Unnatural Storm

Impulse: To immobilize travelers.

  • Blanket with ice and snow

  • Chill with icy cold

Grim Portents
  • Ice and cold interfere with routine tasks

  • Huge snow drifts make the way forward to Lanholm Keep impassable

  • An avalanche blocks the road back toward Belsarien, Gate of the East

  • Frost bite appears on unprotected extremities: fingers, toes, noses, cheeks

  • Rurik and his companions show signs of exhaustion and madness

Impending Doom: Destruction (Rurik dies in the snow, from exposure, starvation, or cannibalism)

Ice Spirits (“Jotyna”)

Type: Planar Forces

Impulse: To vent their wrathful grief

Description: They appear as unnatural vortices of snow, whirling in the air. Their voices carry on the wind like icy shrieks. They were freed from the Fangs of Ice by the undoing of ancient magic wrought by the sorcerer king Dosdaemon long ago, when he from his Tower—where they cannot go without being called thither—took the Frost Queen’s heart from her. Some time since they were bound in ice, the Frost Queen’s heart was shattered into pieces; they can sense its shards all over the land, though a big piece remains at the Tower and a large collection of fragments is assembled at the Grotto of Cascades, an ice cave in the hills north of the Mistfall River’s source. Without their Queen, they are bereft, and seek to assuage their grief by wreaking havoc. They are aware that a sorcerer of the line of Dosdaemon has opened a path to the Tower, and they are afraid of him. They can perhaps be appeased, if an adventurer can get them to listen.

Group, Magical

Cold Bite (d4 damage, ignores armor), Ice Needles (d6 damage) 5 HP

Hand, Reach

Special Qualities: Intangible, Vulnerable to fire, Vulnerable to magic

  • Control weather with malicious intent

  • Mourn the Frost Queen (and reveal information)

  • Blast with frost

Grim Portents
  • Frost rimes every surface

  • Ice-blasted trees lie shattered upon the ground

  • Half-heard icy voices shriek in a strange tongue on the wind from afar

  • A lone woodsman or traveler is found pierced by ice

Impending Doom: Pestilence (unnatural frost blights this area, leaving it withered and barren)


  • Who will make it to safety out of the storm and its aftermath?

  • Will the ice spirits remain free to wreak their vengeance upon the world of Man?

Adventure Front: The Shards in the Ice Cave

Description and Cast

After the time of Dosdaemon, a usurper betrayed the silver elf king Orcalaman, slew his family, and took the throne for himself. The usurper was called Quilthaneil—the “Bloody-Handed One”—by his foes. At the climax of a long and desperate civil war, Quilthaneil’s evil spirit was imprisoned in the diadem called the Frost Queen’s Heart, but this caused it to shatter into thousands of fragments which then rained down across the land in a shower of shards. It was then that the kingdom of Valienalla fell, as its capital city was crushed beneath the swiftly moving glaciers now called the Fangs of Ice. Aniamadan the sorcerer has managed to gather together some of these shards, which he will use to craft a powerful magical artifact that will enable him to command the ice-spirits to do his bidding. But he needs more if he wishes to be all-powerful, and he has learned that some of the shards fell into the headwaters that feed the Mistfall River, flowed downstream, and collected in a pool. There they exerted a powerful magic over the surrounding area, forming an ice cave called the Grotto of Cascades after its ice waterfalls. Aniamadan has dispatched his trusted lieutenant Turibar with a host of orcish warriors to find the Grotto of Cascades, gather as many shards there as he can, and quickly bring them to him at the Tower of Dosdaemon. During their search, they fall upon a hunting party led by young Egaric, son of the baron who rules this frontier region. They slay his men and take him prisoner, keeping him alive as slave labor once they find the Grotto and for the pleasure of tormenting him.

  • Turibar, silver elf warrior, servitor of the sorcerer Aniamadan

  • Turibar’s orcish minions, who hope for the return of the Usurper Quilthaniel

  • Egaric, son of Baron Aldric, a young hunter who has been captured by Turibar’s orcs

Custom Moves

When you are ambushed, roll +WIS. ✴ On a 10+, you are not surprised; take action immediately.
✴ On 7–9, you are slow to react—don’t act until at least one foe has acted or a companion alerts you. ✴ On a miss, you are totally surprised—don’t act until all foes have acted or a companion alerts you.


Turibar, Silver Elf Warrior

Type: Cunning Adversary

Impulse: To serve Aniamadan by gathering crystal shards for the Frost Crown

Description: Turibar is clad in mail of silver scales and a long hooded cloak of white fur; he has long black hair, white skin, and dark eyes. On his face is a sneer of pure disdain. He admires Aniamadan as the rightful King of Valienalla and relishes the idea that the Forest Strongholds will be swept away once the Frost Crown is complete. He is certain that, no matter how powerful, mere mortals will be no match for Aniamadan’s mighty magic.

Solitary, Devious, Stealthy

Mythril Sword (d10 damage, 1 piercing), Longbow (d8 damage) 12 HP 2 Armor

Close, Near, Far

  • Move silently and without a trace over snow and ice

  • Dispatch orcish minions to attack or ambush while remaining unseen

  • Attack from ambush

  • Retreat, vowing to meet again

Grim Portents.
  • Turibar finds the Grotto

  • Turibar and his minions gather crystal shards from the pools in the Grotto

  • Turibar and his minions head north to join Aniamadan at the Tower of Dosdaemon

Impending Doom: Impoverishment (its sustaining crystal shards removed, the Grotto of Cascades loses its magic and collapses)

Orcish Minions

Type: Rapacious Foes

Impulse: To capture, torment, and rob

Description. These monstrous scallywags are cruel and sycophantic, reveling in mean-spirited bullying and petty evil. Their faces are twisted in servile fear and hatred; their bodies are grotesque, corpulent, and misshapen. They wear bits of cast-off elvish armor and carry crude weapons. These were once wood elves, twisted by the Usurper Quilthaneil to his vile purpose, and they know that the shards they seek contain his dark soul. Out of Turibar’s hearing, they will chortlingly anticipate the Usurper’s return once Aniamadan finishes his work at the Tower of Dosdaemon.

Orc Names: (1) Greiven, (2) Lorcan, (3) Bogras, (4) Angrob, (5) Nordur, (6) Simban, (7) Gormag, (8) Thulan, (9) Urdur, (10) Mangar.


Spear (d6 damage) 3 HP

Close, reach

  • Attack from ambush

  • Carry off the weakest and most vulnerable

  • Caper, leer, and mock captives

  • Loudly threaten captives with loathsome punishments

  • Squabble over the spoils

  • Swear vile oaths by the Usurper, Quilthaneil, the Bloody-Handed One, and wish for his return

  • Torment captives with cruel punishments

Grim Portents
  • Booted footprints in the snow

  • A slain horse, its saddlebags rifled through and empty, killed by a spear thrust

  • Dead men, armed as hunters, in the livery of the Barony of Lanholm, their bodies looted

  • A peculiar stillness in the air: “It’s too quiet”

Impending Doom. Destruction (the lifeless body of Egaric in the snow, stabbed in the heart, with a cut upon his palm—as from a crystal shard)

The Grotto of Cascades

Type: Enchanted Place

Impulse: To enchant, bedazzle, and entrap

Description: A rocky ravine in the side of a hill, roofed by ice, and filled with tiered pools linked by icy waterfalls cascading down along the hillside. The water is gelid and clear, and the sounds of water flowing under the ice produce strange gurgling echoes. Spirits are trapped here, mainly Elvish wanderers who’d lost their way and stumbled into the Grotto. The taint of the Usurper Quilthaneil has corrupted many of these spirits, so that they are filled with malice.

  • Blind or dazzle as sunlight is refracted through ice

  • Produce icy doppelganger from reflection in magical pool which acts with evil purpose

  • Give way beneath feet to drop into icy waters, or cause to slide along frozen surface

Grim Portents
  • Ice creaks and groans as you move across

  • Strange gurgling echoes sound like pleading voices

  • Ghostly images appear in the ice, like trapped souls

  • An icy doppelganger appears, trying to replace you (see below)

Treasure: A crystal shard, multi-faceted and sharp-sided, radiant in the light. Weight 0, 50 coins.

Impending Doom: Usurpation (a soul is trapped in the ice of the Grotto of Cascades)

Custom Moves

When you search for treasure in the Grotto, roll +WIS. ✴ On a 10+, choose three. ✴ On a 7–9, choose two.

  • You find something.

  • You suffer no mishap while searching.

  • You are not ensorceled by the magic of the Grotto.

When you try to leave the Grotto, roll +WIS. ✴ On a 10+, you find the exit. If you are leading the way, those who follow you take +1 forward on their rolls. ✴ On a 7–9, you find a way out but lose something as you scramble through it. ✴ On a miss, you do not find the exit or you do but bring something undesirable along with you. If you are leading the way, those who follow you take −1 forward on their rolls.

Icy Doppelganger

Your icy doppelganger is as powerful as you are, and is hard to distinguish from you save by its icy cold touch and its opposite handedness. If it manages to kill you, you are now playing your icy doppelganger. It will join the party if permitted and adventure along with them until it reaches a place where the temperature is above freezing, at which point it will begin to melt. Since your icy doppelganger is a mirror image of you, look at your Bonds and invert them (e.g., “___ owes me their life” becomes “I owe _____ my life”); also, change your alignment to its opposite.

Impulse: To slay you and take your place

  • Be mistaken for you

  • Pervert or betray one of your Bonds

  • Use one of your moves


  • Will Egaric be rescued from the clutches of the orcs?

  • Will Turibar be able to bring crystal shards to Aniamadan?

Adventure Front: Ritual of the Frost Crown

Description and Cast

Long ago, an ancient silver elvish sorcerer-king named Dosdaemon raised a high tower in the forests of the North to quiet the Frost Spirits—the jotyna—that brought endless winter upon the land. With the mystic power imbued in the tower’s very stones, he battled the jotyn queen and removed her heart, a diadem of diamond-like crystal. Now a path to the Tower has been opened by a silver elf sorcerer, who will conduct an arcane ritual there that could spell doom for the Forest Strongholds! Alerted to the danger, the adventurers make their way across the Fangs of Ice, into the vale of the Tower, and into the Tower of Dosdaemon itself to confront Aniamadan before he can command an army of ice-spirits to do his bidding.

  • Aniamadan (an YOM uh don), silver elf sorcerer


Aniamadan, Silver Elf Sorcerer

Type: Arcane Enemy

Impulse: Amass magical power

Description: A brooding figure in black robes ornamented with stars. He has wild white hair and pale blue eyes that flash with cold hatred. He is the long-lost son of King Orcalamun—Dosdaemon’s descendant—and has seen the rise of the Forest Strongholds and the diminishing of his people with regret and loathing. He hopes to bring about a restoration of the Sundalvan (silver elf) people to their rightful place in the land of the North, regarding mortal men as interloping vermin to be driven out or eliminated from the Kingdom of Valienalla.

Solitary, Magical

Staff (d4 damage), Magic Missile (2d4 damage) 15 HP 2 Armor


  • Cast potent spell

  • Read signs and portents

Grim Portents
  • Aniamadan crosses the Fangs of Ice to the Vale of the Tower of Dosdaemon

  • Aniamadan ascends the Tower of Dosdaemon, leaving orcish minions behind to waylay pursuit

  • Aniamadan magically crafts the Frost Crown at the Tower’s summit

  • Aniamadan dons the Frost Crown, calls forth the jotyna, and binds them to his will

  • Aniamadan succumbs to the malicious spirit of Quilthaneil the Usurper

Impending Doom: Destruction (glaciers flow south, crushing the towns and cities of the Forest Strongholds)

Treasure: Key to the Tower. An ornate key of moonsilver (mythril). 500 coins, 1 weight. The possessor of this key may command the gargoyles of the Tower, and cause its main door to open, close, or lock.

Treasure: The Frost Crown. A silver coronet set with jagged diamantine crystals. 1000 coins (only 500 coins if Turibar has not brought the shards from the Grotto to Aniamadan), 1 weight. Add 1d6+3 to your Charisma while you wear the Crown (only 1d4 if Turibar has not brought the shards).

  • Glitter alluringly

  • Exude the Usurper’s taint

Custom Moves: These apply to anyone who is wearing the Frost Crown, or could be conceivably said to possess it, or who badly desires it.

When the Frost Crown exudes the Usurper’s taint, roll +WIS. ✴ On a 10+, you resist the Usurper’s taint. ✴ On a 7–9, either change your alignment to Evil or confront the Usurper. If you are already Evil, you resist the Usurper’s taint. ✴ On a miss, confront the Usurper.

When you confront the Usurper, roll +CHA. ✴ On a 10+, your will is superior. Hold 1d10. Spend hold to cast any spell, one hold per spell level. ✴ On a 7–9, the struggle is evenly matched; if you take −1 forward to confront the Usurper, gain 1d4 hold as above. ✴ On a miss, the Usurper’s will is superior: obey his command!

Crossing the Fangs of Ice

Type: Perilous Journey

Description: A crevasse in the ice leads upward, winding through the glacial Fangs of Ice. Possible perils include avalanche, rock fall, collapsing paths, sink holes, and attacks by monstrous Yeti (treat as an ogre) or Aniamadan’s orcish minions (use the stats for Turibar’s orcs). The trail leads through the glaciers to a small circular vale filled with pine trees. In the center of the vale a tall tower of smooth black stone, at least 120’ high, is set amid a vast pine arbor against a glacial backdrop, rising to a machiolated roof. (If you imagine that Aniamadan has already reached the top of the tower, add that something gleams at its pinnacle.)

The Tower of Dosdaemon

Description: The walls are pierced by a ring of arched openings a quarter of the way from the top; there is another similar ring of openings a quarter of the way from the bottom, at least 30 feet from the ground. Between them, a spiral staircase winds around the outside. At ground level, a large, heavy double door of thick iron-bound wood ten feet high prevents entrance (to the Grand Hall at 1., below).

Aniamadan may fire magic missiles at the adventurers from the rooftop if they attract his attention on their approach before returning to his ritual.

1. The Grand Hall

The doors may be forced open with might or magic. Aniamadan will deploy orcish minions within the Grand Hall to waylay pursuers or anyone else who seeks to interfere with his plans. This is a good place to begin a running battle, with the orcs slowly retreating through the interior of the Tower.

This large circular chamber is about 60’ across. It is illuminated by a silvery globe hanging from the ceiling that glows like the moon. The chandelier hangs 40’ above the floor, and swings in a gentle circle. A circle of slender columns provides support for an annular gallery that circumscribes the chamber; another gallery sits above that one.  The effect is to create a three-tiered circular chamber with a wide open area at its center.

At the far side of the chamber, across from the door, the wings of a marble staircase with a wide balustrade arc gracefully upward to the lower gallery level; the sigil of the Horned Kings (an ovoid half-white and half-black, with stylized silver antlers projecting from it) is displayed prominently upon the solid front of the staircase, whose landing forms a kind of proscenium projecting out from the lower gallery level (i.e., the landing where the twin stairs leading up from the ground meet could conceivably be used as a platform from which to address a throng assembled below).

An eerie low whistling noise comes from high above (this is the wind blowing across the openings of the upper gallery).

A concentric set of paired columns on the lower gallery supports the upper. Three sets of lattice-like stairs lead up from the lower to the upper gallery at regular intervals (at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, taking the grand staircase up from the ground level to be at 12 o’clock). There are sconces for torches along the walls, but it is dark in the recesses of the lower gallery.

The walls of the upper gallery are pierced by open arched doorways that lead to the outside (i.e., the Exterior Stairway) at 2., below. Fierce winds blow through the archways, producing a howling sound loud enough to interfere with normal speech (this is the whistling that can be heard from below). The winds are strong and variable enough to throw an incautious adventurer off-balance. A spiral staircase of wrought iron (positioned at 12 o’clock) leads up to the interior of the tower (specifically, to the Library at 3., below).

2. The Exterior Stairway

Description: This staircase winds around the outside of the tower, leading from the upper gallery of the Grand Hall (at 1., above) to the High Gallery (at 5., below). At intervals along the stairway crouch ugly stone statues of winged monstrosities. They will not attack Aniamadan, since he bears the Key of the Tower and is of the blood of their creator, but adventurers and orcs should be wary.

Gargoyle Horde, Stealthy

Claw (d6 damage) 3 HP 2 Armor


Special Qualities: Wings

Instinct: To guard

  • Attack with the element of surprise

  • Take to the air

  • Blend into stonework

3. The Library

Description: There is a musty smell here, and the wooden floor creaks ominously beneath your weight. The walls are lined with shelves filled with books, and several wooden ladders lean against the stacks. The center of the floor is filled with rows of scriptorium desks and benches, with tall standing candelabra among them. A single larger desk faces the scriptorium; a tattered tapestry hangs behind it. You can see pots of ink, quills, parchment rolls, and bookbinding tools and supplies scattered about. There are two large stone fireplaces opposite each other, aligned at right angles to the line between the master’s desk and the scribes’. The spiral staircase from the upper gallery of the Grand Hall (at 1., above) comes up behind the master’s desk; another spiral staircase ascends from behind the scriptorial desks. Light comes from narrow windows set high in the walls. The fireplace flues are small enough to admit a halfling or a goblin, and lead up to the roof (at 6., below), opening amid the spiky machiolations on the roof.

Treasure: A magical quill pen made from a bright gryphon feather that will transcribe what its owner says, as long as the owner speaks in Elvish. Worth 250 coins, 0 weight.

Custom Moves

When you search the library for valuable books, roll +INT. ✴ On a 12+, you have found a book with a magic spell recorded in it; tell the GM the name of the spell and he will tell you what level it is. It is worth 100 coins per spell level. ✴ On a 10–11, you have found something really worthwhile, worth 4d6 coins and 1 use of a book (see Dungeon World p 326). ✴ On a 7–9, you have found an interesting old volume, worth 2d6 coins to a collector. ✴ On a miss, the book is worthless and you have wasted valuable time.

Treasure: A slightly tattered tapestry bearing an ancient Map of the North, before the Fangs of Ice took half the land, with the location of the ancient capital city Taravien marked upon it. Worth 50 coins (more to a sage or a collector), 3 weight.

4. The Chapel

At equal intervals around this room are six statues surrounded by unlit candles. All but one of the statues has been knocked over—that of Anuris.

Custom Moves.

When you light a candle and pray to an upright Lord or Lady, roll +WIS. ✴ On 10+, take +1 ongoing to the particular move favored by the Lord or Lady until the end of the adventure, and mark experience whenever you make that move. ✴ On 7–9, take +1 ongoing to the particular move favored by the Lord or Lady until the end of the adventure, but you owe the Lord or Lady service. ✴ On a miss, take −1 ongoing until you have pleased the Lord or Lady.

  • OERIS, Seelie King (an elven elder in royal robes, with a starburst on his brow). Discern realities.

  • ANALLA, Faerie Witch (a dancing elf-maid with a wand). Cast spells.

  • ANURIS, Winged Eater of Souls (an elf with angel’s wings and devil’s horns, and long fingernails). All moves, but only if you are Evil, otherwise you take −1 forward no matter what.

  • OCARON, Prince of Night (an elf cloaked and hooded, with a dagger in his hand). Defy danger.

  • RAHN, Piper at the Gates of Dawn (a satyr with syrinx). Hack and slash.

  • CARANA, Lady of Swords (an elf-maid in armor bearing a sword before her). Defend.

Oeris, the Seelie King

5. The High Gallery

Description: The external stairway (at 2., above) leads up to a walkway that circles the exterior of the tower. The tower walls along the walkway are pierced at regular intervals by open archways that lead into a high-ceilinged gallery whose floor is a tile mosaic depicting scenes of elvish history. However, the mosaic is obscured by scattered clumps of gauzy white matter of some kind. A spiral staircase emerges from the center of the floor (up from 4., above) and continues up through the ceiling to the roof (at 6., below); a trapdoor bars the way. There is a round dais with something like a circular altar upon it. Clinging to the ceiling of the high gallery like snowdrops are frost bats, white-furred giant vampire bats.

Frost Bats


Bite (d3 damage) 2 HP


Special Qualities: Wings; Weakening bite

When disturbed, these white-furred rodents screech scarily and fly around in crazy, erratic patterns.

Instinct: To flee danger or disturbance

  • Knock things over

  • Cling to someone

  • Suck blood

Treasure: The white matter is frost bat guano, valuable to alchemists for the crafting of ice-bombs and similar potions; it’s worth 3 coins per unit of weight collected, but scraping it up may disturb the bats.

Treasure: Resting upon the altar is a silver wirework sculpture, vaguely bowl-shaped (300 coins, 2 weight). Tiny crystalline shards are scattered like dust across the top of the altar; they can cut someone who’s careless.

Treasure: 1d6 immature frost bats, capable of being trained as familiars or message-carriers, each worth 25 coins, 1 weight.

6. The Roof

Description. A ring of jagged machiolations, like fangs, surrounds the edge of the roof. Access is via a trapdoor that leads to the High Gallery (at 5., above). The land is spread out below, all pine forests and snow, with gigantic glaciers in the distance surrounding the vale of the tower. From here, it is possible to fire missiles at those below. A circular mosaic is laid in the center of the roof; it is a magic circle circumscribed with ancient Elvish runes of protection and power.

Custom Moves.

When you step into the magic circle and call the jotyna, roll +CHA. Regardless of the roll, 1d3 jotyna appear. ✴ On a 10+, they are bound to heed your wishes. ✴ On a 7–9, they demand something from you; if you accede, they are temporarily bound to your will. Otherwise, they are unbound. ✴ On a miss, they are unbound and hostile.


Can the Frost Crown truly be controlled?

Will the Forest Strongholds be destroyed by ice?

Will the Usurper rise again?

Notes for the Game Master

The flow of the adventure is imagined to be something like this: the PCs begin the game in mid-blizzard, taking action in the face of immediate needs for warmth and shelter. The plights of Rurik the dwarven merchant and Egaric the noble youth come to their attention, as does the presence of the trio of frost spirits, working their ice magic to the despite of living things. They will see signs of Turibar and his orcish minions as well. Dealing with those exigences should lead to the Grotto of Cascades or, at the very least, to the trail to the Tower of Dosdaemon. After a perilous journey across the Fangs of Ice, they approach the Tower. Should Aniamadan become aware of being followed, he will deploy his minions to deter, delay, and defeat them; his own goal is ever forward, to the top of the Tower of Dosdaemon! There he will complete the crafting of the Frost Crown and call the frost spirits once trapped within the Fangs of Ice. If the PCs don’t stop him, Aniamadan’s evil plan will see glaciers rolling inexorably southward through the Forest Strongholds, crushing the human communities in their path and leaving Lake Silverweir surrounded by ice. The intent is that you use the Tower of Dosdaemon as the backdrop for a running battle against Aniamadan and his minions, but it is sufficiently detailed that the PCs can dungeon-crawl through it should the threat of Aniamadan lose its urgency. Its major sources of menace are the gargoyles around its exterior and to a lesser extent the frost bats within.


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