[World of Dungeons] Class Supplement, by Jacob van Niekerk

Based on “World of Dungeons” by John Harper; Based on “Dungeon World” by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

New Abilities

At the referee’s option, players may: Choose an extra ability instead of gaining an attribute bonus (whether each time or only sometimes is referee choice);
Or, ability progression is unchanged, and the referee may offer any combination of five abilities relevant to the character’s chosen path and/or background.

Class New Abilities Optional
Fighter Honed (choose one weapon: you gain +2 to attacks when wielding that weapon) Feint (on a hit in melee, choose one against that enemy: disarm, trip, restrain,  stun, or expose flank) Strategist (you always find the shortest route or fastest transport) Warrior (+1 attacks) Str +2, Con or Dex +1
 Thief Versatile (choose two more skills) Infiltrator (+1 to disguise yourself or counterfeit something) Wanderer (you know how to use rations carefully on long journeys) Spy (you have access to a network of contacts in 1d3 locations) Dex +2, Con or Cha +1
Cleric Hymn (use music to attempt hypnotism, disruption, or rallying) Ward (banish lesser enchantments, or detect more powerful ones, within your vicinity) Stoic (+2 damage reduction or saving throw against one domain of magic) Pious (divine intervention favours you with ideal weather conditions) Wis +2, Cha or Con +1
Wizard Tolerance (you can take 1d3 extra quicksilver doses per day) Sorcery (once per day, apply one effect to a spell as you cast it: whisper, subtle, surge, hasten, empty.) Archivist (you can write heavy scrolls that contain one guaranteed magical spell or ritual) Wyrmvoice (you speak the language of dragons) Int +2, Wis or Cha +1
Ranger Marksman (a miss using a ranged weapon counts as partial success) Hunter (you can track down your quarry in difficult terrain) Shadows (you know how to hide yourself with limited cover) Moonsight (you see clearly in low-light conditions) Con +2, Dex or Wis +1
Other Cavalry (you are trained in mounted combat and manoeuvres) Fury (+3 damage for an hour; one-third your level times per day, and -1 to rolls per use before a full rest) Amiable (+1 to favourable reactions from strangers) Dogged (at 0 HP, you can attempt one more action before succumbing to Death’s embrace)
Parkour (you are not slowed by one favoured difficult terrain: urban, wilderness, ruin, battle-field, etc) Delver (you start with an extra twenty silver pieces worth of gear, tools, and other items) Leader (you are adept at managing and directing large groups of people; 20 -100 or so) Boxer (your unarmed attacks do 1d6 damage)
Craft (you are proficient in one non-magical, artisan-trade of your choice) Assassin (critical damage inflicts an additional ailment penalty) Linguist (you speak up to 1d3+1 mundane languages in addition to your own) Haggler (you always find the best deal for goods and services)

New Classes

At the referee’s option, any number of these abilities can be counted as general abilities rather than part of an optional class package.

Alternatively, any of these classes can substitute for either or both of wizard or cleric at referee’s discretion.

New Class: The Mystic

(Cha +2; Int or Wis +1)

Meditation (you are unaffected by charm and sleep magic) Starblood (you are immune to mundane venom, toxins, and poisons) Teleport (once per day, travel to any space you can see and occupy up to thrice your speed distance) Soul (ageing beyond your peak maturity can take hundreds of years)
Esper (a missed roll while blinded or against an invisible target counts as a partial success) Chakras (you regenerate health at twice the normal rate) Seer (you can detect a creature’s surface thoughts, feelings, or intentions) Astral (once per day, you become ethereal until you end the effect)

New Class: The Artificer

(Int +2; Wis or Dex +1)

Enchanter (you can create magical items by imbuing minor spirits to them) Mechanist (you can attempt to build or repair devices of various complexity) Scholar (choose one subject from a broad field of study; you always recall lore regarding that subject) Alchemist (you can create poisons, antidotes, potions, oils, acids, etc.)
Forge (you know how to manipulate complex and extraordinary metals and precious stones) Engineer (study any construction for two turns; all allies gain +1 to rolls for that construction) Keen (you immediately recognize unusual architecture and terrain) Technician (you are adept at identifying the qualities of magic and wondrous items)

New Class: The Druid

(Cha +2; Wis or Con +1)

Hex (target takes a penalty of one-half your level on rolls for a number of hours equal to one-third your level) Beast (once per day, change into one of three smaller beasts you know; at level 3, plus any two equal-size beasts; at level 8, plus one larger beast) Fey (you speak the language of fey outsiders) Skymind (you are immune to illusions less powerful than your level)
Familiar (you are bonded for life to a minor spirit that has one domain and linked senses) Element (choose one: fire, water, earth, air, blood; +2 to cast spells of that type, -1 for the others) Dreamer (you can sleep for hundreds of years at a time, and awake at a specific trigger event) Compass (you never lose your sense of direction)

WOD – Class Supplement (ODT)

WOD – Class Supplement (PDF)


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